Review: Ever Bilena Matte Two-Way Cake

Our number one enemy on a long whole day of errands is oiliness. With the temperature and humidity here in the Philippines, we just can’t simply walk away from it. I have a really dry skin, but when it is too hot, my skin tends to produce some oil making me look less fresher. It’s quite annoying to see your face producing  a lot of sebum when you still need to stay outside the whole day. It’s normal, yes, but I just don’t like it.

Well, I just can’t thank enough those brilliant-minded persons who were able to come up with mattifying powders! To keep our oil at bay for a long whole day is really an answered prayer. These persons are our life saviours, really! And, I’m so glad that Ever Bilena, our favorite local brand was able to come up with its own matte powder.


Each product retails for only P165.00 but are currently selling at an introductory price of P150.00. Thanks to Ever Bilena for sending these to me for free. It is available in almost all Department stores and Watsons nationwide.


The compact contains 9g of product which is good enough to last you for a month or two of everyday use. It has a 36-month shelf life though, so you really don’t need to worry about it getting expired soon. It is made in Taiwan, and is paraben-free. It can also be used either wet or dry. 


This line has only 3 shades available: White Ivory, Fair Oriental, and Golden Beige. 


This one has a strong pink tone in it. Perfect for light skin-toned girls who have cool and neutral undertones. This can also be used as a neutralizer if you got an overly yellow-based liquid foundation.


This is the one closest to my skin tone, it’s a little dark but I love it because it is yellow-based. This will be perfect for fair to medium skin-toned girls with warm and neutral undertones.


I’m sure this will suit most morena beauties out there. A shade that reflects most Filipina skin complexions, it has a yellow-undertone too!


It is in a sleek rectangular matte black compact with an “eb matte” imprinted outside. It also has a huge mirror inside and comes with a rectangular sponge. The packaging looks so classy though, and because it is black, it is kinda’ low-maintenance.


This has been my go-to powder foundation from the moment I got it. I use it to set my iWhite BB-Holic BB Cream, and I was really impressed with the performance of it. It really mattifies my face, and gives a light to medium coverage. I actually love the finish it gives because it really looks so natural. I don’t use it wet since I’m a liquid-based person. The first time I used it, I actually sweat a lot because I had to walk and walk and walk, surprisingly, after 5 hours of being outside the house (that includes walking, going to church, commuting, and going to the mall) my face is still matte! Yep, no sign of sweat, oiliness, or whatsoever. So when I got home I had to wait for more hours to see if it really worked, on the 7th hour, I started to oil up. I’m not exaggerating things, but that’s actually how it worked for me. Maybe it just that I have a dry skin, or the product is just good? As for me, I can say that it’s good.


1:30 pm: Freshly applied. No Filter

9:30 pm: After school and everything

11:30 pm: Before removing my makeup. Sorry for my nasty face 😂

Here is my assessment on the Ever Bilena Two Way Cake:

PRICE        5


PACKAGING        5




LONGEVITY             4


Hope you found this post helpful. Thank you for taking time to read.

Till then,

Cathy ♡

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