Hi there,

My name is Catherine Louise C. Tolentino, a beauty blogger/influencer who owns @cathloistolen on Instagram. I am a self-proclaimed beauty enthusiast and a makeup junkie. These accounts are made for me to share my experiences with products that are locally found here in the Philippines and are pretty affordable. I purchase, use, review, and photograph makeup as my way of releasing stress and escaping from the boring reality. Let’s explore the fun-filled world of makeup together. 🙂

Fun Facts:

I’m a Certified Public Account (CPA) by profession; I was an Audit Associate and now a Tax Associate at SGV&Co.; I finished two degrees as Cum Laude; I’m not really a creative writer and yet I choose to blog; I am born lefty; I love pastel colors, especially the pastel version of purple; I haven’t found the right foundation shade for my skin tone yet.

Beauty Facts:

I have a normal, acne-prone skin type; My skin undertone is warm, with a fair skin complexion; My natural hair and eye color is black; I’m an Asian, so I got a lot of Asian features.

If you plan on working with me, you may e-mail me at cathloistolen@gmail.com. 🙂


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